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Physical Limitations & Rehabilitation

Overcoming injury and returning to work can be challenging due to physical limitations and rehabilitation.

Fear of Re-injury and Low Confidence

Our goal is to help individuals rebuild trust and regain confidence in their body's ability to perform their job tasks.

Workplace Adaptations & Support

We recognise the importance of workplace adaptations and support when returning to work.


Enhance Health Group

Your trusted provider of comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services in the southwest region of Western Australia. At Enhance Health Group, we are committed to empowering individuals with disabilities, promoting their physical, emotional, and professional growth.

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By providing early intervention and return-to-work planning, ergonomic assessments and modifications, functional capacity evaluations and work hardening programs, and vocational rehabilitation and job redesign services, Enhance Health Group supports workplace rehabilitation efforts. Their comprehensive approach focuses on promoting a safe and healthy work environment, enhancing employee well-being, and facilitating a successful return to work for individuals recovering from injuries.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

Vocational rehabilitation (VR) is a comprehensive and individualized program that aims to assist individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment in achieving and maintaining meaningful and gainful employment.

Case Management

The workplace rehabilitation provider serves as a central point of contact and coordinates all aspects of the rehabilitation process.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

A functional capacity evaluation assesses an individual's physical abilities, functional limitations, and capacity to perform specific job tasks.

Job Task Analysis

Job task analysis involves a detailed assessment of the physical demands, requirements, and essential functions of a particular job role.

Workplace Modifications and Ergonomic Assessments

The provider conducts ergonomic assessments of the workplace to identify potential risk factors and make necessary modifications.

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Early Intervention and Return-to-Work Planning

Enhance Health Group provides early intervention services for workplace rehabilitation. Our goal is to minimize the impact of injuries and create customized return-to-work plans, ensuring a smooth transition back to work.

Ergonomic Assessments and Workplace Modifications

Enhance Health Group specializes in ergonomic assessments and workplace modifications. We identify risk factors, make necessary adjustments, and promote optimal ergonomics to enhance comfort, prevent injuries, and boost productivity. Together with employers and employees, we create a safer and healthier work environment.

Functional Capacity Evaluations and Work Hardening Programs

Enhance Health Group offers functional capacity evaluations to assess physical abilities and limitations for job requirements. We provide objective information for return-to-work readiness and offer work hardening programs to rebuild strength and skills. Our programs ensure a smooth transition and improved work readiness.

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Enhance Health Group is committed to answer all of your questions

What is workplace rehabilitation?

Workplace rehabilitation is a process that aims to help individuals recover from injuries or illnesses and successfully return to work. It involves a coordinated approach involving healthcare professionals, employers, insurers, and the individual to assess the individual's abilities, develop personalized rehabilitation plans, provide necessary interventions, and make workplace accommodations or modifications to support the individual's safe and effective return to work.

How long does workplace rehabilitation typically take?

The duration of workplace rehabilitation varies depending on factors such as the nature and severity of the injury, the individual's overall health, and the specific job requirements. Each rehabilitation plan is tailored to the individual's needs, and the length of the process will depend on the progress made during the rehabilitation journey. Some cases may require a few weeks of rehabilitation, while others may extend to several months. The goal is to ensure that the individual is ready to return to work safely and confidently.

Who pays for workplace rehabilitation services?

The funding for workplace rehabilitation services can vary depending on the country, jurisdiction, and specific circumstances. In many cases, workers' compensation insurance or employer-provided insurance covers the costs of workplace rehabilitation. Employers may also have return-to-work programs in place that cover the expenses associated with rehabilitation services. It is recommended to consult with the employer or insurance provider to understand the coverage and funding options available for workplace rehabilitation services.

What if I am unable to return to my previous job due to my injury?

If an individual is unable to return to their previous job due to an injury, workplace rehabilitation providers can assist in exploring alternative job options. Vocational rehabilitation services may include vocational assessments, transferable skills analysis, job matching, and vocational counseling. The provider can help identify suitable employment opportunities that align with the individual's abilities and limitations. In some cases, job redesign within the current workplace may also be considered to accommodate the individual's needs and facilitate their return to work in a modified role.